Sunday, 19 June 2005

Anyway. I've another thought. Sometimes it just seems that at any one point in time, there's bound to be a nice mix of all kinds of people you'd meet in life. No matter where you are, there'd be the typical nerd, the athletic guy, the bossy girl, the demure angel, the adonis, the loud-mouthed bitch. When there are couples there'd be the sassy ones, the quirky ones, the sweet ones, the high-end ones. It's like, there's this higher order somewhere which determines who turns out to be like what, and as a result ensures that there's enough of every personality to go by. This kinda makes me think of astrology and stuff.

And I think fate's an excuse for free-will, and free-will's an excuse for fate. Like for example when your fate messes up we can all blame your free-will because you chose to go against your fate and all that shit. And think vice versa and this'll make a little more sense.