Sunday, 8 October 2006

There was a minor hiccup last week though, when a trainee got affected by a little food poisoning and was evacuated to Paya Lebar Air Base Medical Centre. I won't elaborate much about it, other than stating that if not for stupid people doing stupid things, the trainee wouldn't have had to be evacuated in the first place and all the ensuing problems wouldn't have occurred. We have the power of discretion, which's why the SAF hires humans, not robots. Some people just have mental states that are FUBAR seriously.

Which makes me think that this scenario is quite possible: You have a really fucked up fella in army who messes with how things work, slacks a lot and makes other people do his job, and eventually he leaves the army to become a teacher or a pastor who's telling his students or audience all about integrity and working hard. There's that possibility that you as a student might've looked up to some teacher sometime in your young life who might've been ironically screwed up as a fellow soldier in the army or a downright fuckup/loser.