Sunday, 27 May 2007

The Bric Brac d'Art site is up and running! check it. I've had no shortage of people wondering why it's '' and not '', so I'm gonna attempt to explain it in as layman a manner as possible catered for best understanding but not necessarily in the most accurate of methods. is a secondary domain. It is like registering an account under the domain and the address becomes and likewise, when you have an account under, your address becomes But well 3 cheers for being unique. 'com' is getting boring anyway.

Spent the most of the last 2 weeks working on the BBDA site, which has made me realise (or perhaps not so much of a realisation as compared to having made myself see more clearly) that this personal website of mine is quite a mess that has come all the way since my young webmaster days 7-odd years ago (yes, this site is more or less the same thing, just better evolved) and it is a compendium of messiness that has been identified and swept under the rug over and over again, more often than not inadequately dealt with. I've got alotta things I'm thinking this site can be cleaned up for now but it's just too herculean a task to bother about at this point of time, but I will attempt to make small chips at the big block of mess and see what comes along.

My dad had a fall last night which could jeopardise his China trip with my mom and brother. It wasn't a particularly horrific fall, but it was bad enough for ageing bones and he's got spinal nerve problems. That small jerk had a domino effect of repercussions that affected his neck and his hands and feet totally lost sensation for a good 5 minutes.

I ended up missing Legs and Paddles today which Kee and I signed up for cos I had to stay home.

His unemployment at the same time as mine has somewhat brought us a little closer together and we hadn't gotten on each others' nerves for quite a bit. I'm thankful for that.

I've been reading a book titled Shortcut to a Miracle. I must admit I'm slightly biased for it because it both reaffirms and expands on my view about the power of our consciousness, but the findings reported are quite revelatory. I'll write about it sometime soon.

Been travelling down to SMU to tap on their free electricity and wireless internet and work on my assignments. Magazine crunchtime just ended, which was pretty mad for a bit. Worked on a drawing for Winnie, Derek's friend, and her request proved to be quite an exasperating challenge. But that's $25 in the bag.

And yesterday I went for Jeremy's youth carnival to play for his 'SMU' street soccer team. Funny team, funny set ups, funny rules and circumstances, resulting in 1 win (6-2) and 2 losses (6-1 and 5-1) for the qualifiers. Crappy stuff. Won the juggling competition though which got me some male sport deodorant and shower bath thingie, which I guess can be always counted on as my personal trump card.

Friday marked the 3rd year Kee and I have been together. :]

A: Stop being such a pussy.
B: Yeah, well, you are what you eat.

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The Donnas - Everyone Is Wrong

Saturday, 19 May 2007

I've actually been dedicating a gargantuan amount of time towards the custom arts site and the drawings pertaining to the site, such that I've kinda forgotten about updating this.

Did some layout readjustments here, so I hope the site'll be more viewer-friendly now.
Finally decided on a name: Bric Brac d'Art. Basically an amalgamation of the French words bric-a-brac and objet d'art, signifying the combination of something small, frivolous and cute yet classy and elegant at the same time.

It's been about a week of basically sticking my ass to whatever exalted throne there is available and just drawing and site-designing and digital editing all the way. I go out once in awhile to find yet another exalted throne to plant my butt on and get more inspiration just to continue working on this, bringing along the huge sketchbook that Alvin gave me. *Arty-farty yuppie mode* :\

I think I'm actually quite fuckin' hardcore. If everyone put in the amount of effort and concentration I'm putting in now for this, I reckon the total output harnessed could quite possibly save a third world country or something... Anyway whatever.

The site has undergone some developments too, so you can check it out here: We're considering the domain name registration possibilities, but that's just one out of a myriad of potential concerns, such as marketing, site layout development, payment procedures etc.

The past week, I:

- Once slept at 4am and woke up at noon the next day and I was a total wreck the whole day. Will probably be the last time I will ever attempt to do something like that. It's not like in secondary school and JC anymore when I could just sleep anytime I wanted and get away with it I guess. Must be some age factor, though I'm just somewhat being dismissively hopeful in a totally whatsthefkingpointanyway manner.

- Went to Grapevine with Dick, Dud and Thiampeng, and we talked some of the funniest shit I ever had in awhile, regarding government and politics. I won't elaborate much cos it's not so much of a free-speech country I live in and I don't find the prospects of getting dragged away by intelligence cops very enticing at all. We were, to sum things up, just four rather noisily ignorant cocksters trying to comment on things like why Russia is developing nuclear tech in Myanmar and what are the repercussions of voting for opposition, as well as what would lead to people actually voting for opposition.

- Had a field soccer game at a totally fucked up, swamped out Yishun locale and lost 11-1. It was one of the dumbest, most uninspiring soccer matches I ever had in my life and I will forget this sooner than I know. But this does make me wanna have another go in future soon, something proper for once. Is it really such a pipe dream to have the opportunity to just play some decent football on a normal pitch in Singapore?

- My Creative Zen Vision M has died. The guys at Creative can't save it. The bloody device has failed on me and along with it, traumatically, goes all my photos and videos. I still have songs on my laptop so that isn't an issue, but all the pictures I've decided to invest in the player's storage are gone, stuff from family, army, prom and everything. All my soccer videos too. Sigh. But well, now's a good time to apply some self-philosophy so I can only be as upset as I can allow myself to be so wtf wheee. The bigger pain, though, is the warranty which is out for a good 2 months already. I'm trying to see how I can avert the costs of repair, which is a crazily whopping $350-odd (inclusive of $40 admin fees, wtf?) that I could use to get a new player altogether, and that can be waived if my warranty's still valid. I might forge or something.

Some people seem to read the Bible a lot as they get older. Maybe they think they're cramming for their finals.

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Stone Sour - Through The Glass

Sunday, 6 May 2007

A quick run-through of just about the first week of being a funemployee:

1) Finished Life Of Pi.
2) Watched Step Up and Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny.
3) Busted my legs (bones and muscles) from soccer on both weekends; today's and last.
4) Secured the freelance sub-editing job. May be securing more copy-writing assignments too, if things go well on Dody's end.
5) Roamed all over town with Kee every other day.
6) Watched Spiderman 3 at the cinema.
7) Charmain's lunch treat.
8) Washed all the fans in the house.
9) Working on more drawing assignments (here).
10) Working on the custom arts website (here). Just a raw framework, so don't expect much. Still deciding on a name.

Next read in line is Prozac Nation. I've had a quick browse through some Spanish language instructionals, one of which was Spanish For Dummies, and it seems like quite a decent language to pick up. For starters, its phonetics are fixed so you won't end up having words with multiple sounds, like in English. Only problem is that the average cost of these books are about $35. That to deal with next.

Spiderman 3 had some hot action sequences, but I thought the plot was pretty convenient for itself to unfold. Like Green Goblin teaming up with Spiderman. Huh? And Harry's bitch telling him right at the end about his dad. Eddie Brock looks like a wimp, and I suppose the portrayal of an evil Peter Parker requiring him to dress and look like an emo kid says something about perceptions lol.

There's a play titled '251' about Annabelle Chong. The number, for those who are unaware, is the number of men she had sex with in that famous coital marathon. To a certain extent, with the right marketing push (whether called for or uncalled for, official or unofficial), she could end up being the next Che Guevara. Poor dude became a victim of pop culture because they portrayed him as the famous rebel. A few plays have already portrayed Annabelle Chong as the liberal feminist due to her sexual stunt and it, depending on perception, may have been something silly turned into heroics by the media. Imagine silhouetted photos of Annabelle Chong on t-shirts.

Women shouldn't give men the silent treatment and be pissed that they aren't doing anything about it. Men love the silence.

Today's Listenables:
Skillet - Whispers In The Dark