Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Oftentimes, for lack of inspiration I can only get down to something mediocre when I post and so I decide against it. That doesn't mean I believe that everything I eventually type is read-worthy. There've been blogs I've visited that made me feel that I'd be better off stapling my ears midway through reading and then there were those that just made me either feel inspired to get my fingers typing right away or want to give up writing anymore completely.

I've watched The Arena a few times and boy, can those kids argue. Having to follow through aggressive arguments, make split-second judgments, spot the smallest errors that can topple your opponent, dig into that bottomless pool of information in your head and sieve out an inch-perfect return ball. I could never do that.

The people at work run trains of thought at the speed of light. Wei, Linda, HJ; all top-guns in their line of work and ever-ready to mince your words and serve them back on a platter. I just let them go on and on cos I could never bother. I have my ways.

I'm not one to mentally multi-task and beat my conversational counterpart into pulp in an argument, but I'm not any less capable in the propensity of thought. It's just that I've met people who are so self-assured that idealism makes you a loser, but I'm sure we're all just pretty much on different ends of the personality plane. You've got yours and I've got mine, and then we'll never see eye to eye which can be such a pity but that's just the way it is.

At the end of the day, I'm all for pragmatism and a supposedly time-wasting whollistic conversation and I won't bother selling an idea if I know I'm not naturally capable of it.
Alv's left the office now; I'll always remember his laid back stance with a consistent fag in hand, and his "fuck la, just follow your heart, I say" will be etched in my head quite permanently.

Corporate gay-ness is quite an inevitable thing.

It's really not all the money and power in the world I'd wanna have, no matter how good you could argue in a that's-the-only-thing-that-ever-matters kinda way. I've got pursuits that'll make me feel a million-grand richer.

There aren't any virgins left, cos life has screwed us all.

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The Ataris - My Reply

Sunday, 25 March 2007

The Lives Of Others is a really good movie. I'm only left pondering how much reference it has to any real events. If not, then it's a fascinating portrayal of 70s Germany.

Work has degenerated into a comfortably stagnate level and I'm pretty much left to my own devices now just the way I like it. I've dug up a fair bit of skeletons with the history of my work place and it's people, though I'm not saying that things are as bad as they seemed in the past, of which I wasn't a part of so it wouldn't be fair for me to comment.

CDS stories never fail to live up to their levels of incredulous insanity. The CO's changed, prominent figures have swopped roles and things are following their usual route of general decline... Climates that I can't imagine having to brave through if I was still there. Just hope that reservist isn't that such a pain in the ass to bear.

Another uninspired post and my chatterbox died.

Live today; it is where tomorrow's memories begin

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The All-American Rejects - Dance Inside

Sunday, 4 March 2007

I'm in the office on a sunday cos I've got nothing to do at home and the office being based in town makes it quite convenient as a 'station' place for me to do my own stuff while waiting for meet-up plans to materialise. I'm meeting Wesley later anyway. I was supposed to be here at 1500h cos one of the temps under me wanted to work and we decided on this time, but I got quite carried away with the Pool - Man Utd repeat game and ended up coming here an hour late. And the poor sod doesn't have a handphone, so. *Shrugs. I have no idea where he is now either.

I've come to a compromise with my dad and I'm gonna try for the Marketing module in term 3B (June - July), which means I'll start earlier, but not as early as April.

I've said before that school's a good excuse to get by, cos parents get all sensitive and protective and leave you alone when you declare that you're studying, so you can actually just forsake everything and study cos that's the presumably responsible thing to do; unlike if you're a working adult. You can't tell the crying baby to shut up cos you're working.

Add this growing reluctance to work to the equation and that's a huge nudge in the direction of deciding to compromise and opt for the early enrolment as well. My work at Love Airways is exciting no doubt, as are the learning prospects and opportunities and all that 'working with the media' jazz. As a temp myself, I'm actually governing a lot of power here. But sometimes there are some things I'd rather not wanna be involved in, and at the rate we're going, I'm nose-diving right into the fray.

I think I can sum up my attitude towards this job as a one-week holiday where you'd like to be in day 3 or 4 and skip the rest.

Watching the Liverpool Vs Manchester United game, I can't agree any further with the commentator after O'Shea put the Red Devils in the lead at the death and exclaims, "isn't that the hallmark of champions!?"

I've talked to Eufai about this before over MSN one day. There's a significant difference between a 'classy team' and a 'class team'. Arsenal are a truly classy team and their search for the perfect goal is always a sight to behold when you watch it unfold in play. But that doesn't always mean they win games.

On the other hand, Manchester United are a true class act because they can grind out the results whether or not they are playing well and that really defines a true winner. And although there were hiccups, they have never taken more than 1 or 2 seasons to put their championship race back on track, and have been getting it right all the time. That kind of glory sends shivers down my spine and I'm not even a Manchester United fan.

Life's too short to be taken seriously.

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