Saturday, 27 October 2007

It's been over 2 weeks since I kept in touch with the anonymous masses who surprisingly make the hit counter on this site jump, and of course friends who actually still bother dropping by.

CCA's been a problem because of a couple of things. It's a little weird why I still haven't been able to give soccer a shot yet, and alot of it has to do with there not being an opportunity to enter it somewhat. It doesn't really help that I don't know any of the year 1s who are in there now, and they joined way before school started. Post-trials, it's been very quiet.

Then there's Samba Masala. I love the music and the people are great and all that, but there's very obvious commitment problems. And with the introduction of next year's exchange program to Helsinki, it's hard to not show interest in going when the rest are really hoping everyone can go. Like, sincerely. And amidst all the complications leading up to me being abit in too deep now, quitting is gonna be a problem.

377A has been kept after the petitions because of the landslide victory (about 16k vs 8k). I voted to repeal, but it isn't really the result that matters. The fact that such a consideration has been made does show progress already and it's about time cos Singapore's very late amongst developed countries to tackle the issue.

There have been lots of opportunities for me to do my homosexuality research and discussions, both formally in the form of reports and informally in the form of small deep talk with people. It's been cool cos it's really interesting to be able to convert all that trivial conversation of sorts into something I can formally work on in school for research and such. On my psychology research paper, I'm working not so much on whether being gay is a nature or nurture problem, but rather on the social and psychological repercussions of repression of sexuality.

Mid terms seem well so far, with my stats notching a respectable 22/30 considering I totally didn't study, and 81% for psychology which is 5% above the mean, also with minimal mugging done. I wonder if I could have a personal aim of attempting to listen in class hard enough to resort to not needing to study for my social science related papers. Awaiting sociology now.
In a flash, mid term break is over (like over a week ago already) and 1 week holidays don't mean a thing cos I need more than just a week to actually be able to switch into a 'the holiday mood's sinking in feeling', even IF I choose to believe it's a holiday unlike almost every other SMU student. I had so much trouble finding supper buddies that I even resorted to going down on my own.

Talked to Chris quite some time ago. The fast-paced, no fixed class culture of SMU is such that you hardly get opportunities to form very strong bonds with anyone, and all this is in the light of SMU's networking, corporate objective - to mirror the working world and all of it's practical glory. Let's say you're someone who thinks you can go to school and then perhaps meet some girls and find a girlfriend or something, it's not even that simple. Even after all the group meetings (where you unarguably spend more personal time with people unlike normal classes), people still very much have their own personal lives established prior to SMU to go to; or at least they'd rather be there.

The whole structure of Singapore's educational upper class is such that most guys will end up dating girls 2 years younger than them. I don't really have an objective opinion about that other than the fact that the whole NS thing does have its impact on the sociological structure of those within the academic upper class, which does make me wonder what happens if there wasn't any of this.

My LTB project is in Seventeen magazine's October issue. And also, I'm active on Facebook now because of Scrabulous. Open for challenges now! Alright Dudley's birthday in an hour or so. Ciao.

Love your enemies! It really gets them confused!

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The Juliana Theory - Shotgun Serenade

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

It's term break and I'm lucky enough to have ended all my papers already, so I've been mostly focused on projects, a little bit of Samba and getting myself back in order for a bit. I keep getting fucked each time I have a 0830h lesson and there are two nicely spread out ones in the week so I get screwed up quite a little.

I'm liking my attachment to the school compound. I mean like seriously there's soccer at Ice Cold B's, the ultimate budget chillout places in Mr Tea and Frujch (with live bands even) and foosball tables all around so I'm not complaining.

I haven't watched Resident Evil 3 and I don't suppose I ever would. But I've always had an opinion that zombies based on curses, witchcraft and the like are more intriguing than zombies based on some chemical freak accident. I aired that view at the expense of being ridiculed by my friends, but why not? Zombies that rise from the dead because they have been summoned by something mysterious and evil are cooler than chemical zombies!

I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.

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Nickelback - Rockstar