Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Being in a unit like mine really enables me to observe very fascinating forms of interaction between people as this unit is truly a melting pot of people from all walks of life, and somehow being in charge of them puts me in a very interesting position.

Of course that means having to deal with the occasional fucker who shirks work. Put a couple of people like that together and you get an irritable prick in the system. It's not that hard to understand why I'm willing to put in a little more effort behind the scenes to get shit done instead of pushing things to the men (just because of a fuckin' superiority complex) when I believe in actually working harder to validate my reception of earning an extra $200 every month.

I guess my unit's like a microcosm of societies out there, and like most cases, what really lacks is a serious sense of empathy, especially from the top people towards the men on the ground. And I've always had a bit of a feminist streak (read: feminist, not feminine) in me so I believe that most fuckups occur because of chauvinistic egos. Some guys just seem to relish the chance to put others down whenever they can, like when a mistake is made, or when something isn't done up to standard even if the effort's been made. Then all the weapons of an egotistical bullying emerge, like insults and sarcasm. Bloody gay stuff.

But then again, sometimes I think some women should seriously go for some form of NS-ing of their own. I don't mean in the sense of having them experience the physical aspects of training like how most people are misconcepted to believe when it comes to the point of the said issue (coz I think that's just plain unrealistic and shallow; as that would be plainly making a comparison and whining that life isn't fair in a sissyboy kinda way, to which I don't particularly condone), but in the form of having to work in a unit, especially one which isn't exactly glorious in any way, and of which having to carry out your duties pretty much involves dragging yourself through self-discipline and responsibility. This is because some girls I know sometimes whine just a tad too much for my liking, to which I wish I could tell them in a more convincing manner that life isn't as perfect and idealistic as their immature minds perceive things to be. I suppose that when you get thrown into the shithole you'll grow up pretty fast. But don't get me wrong, it's not like every girl I know is like that.