Thursday, 27 September 2007

There are a couple of markers that indicate how free I am, one of which is my intensity of Scrabble playing, and another being able to blog. School has been absolutely crazy, not to mention sub-editing work always being a niggling pain at the back.

Anyhow, LTB is this module which stands for Leadership and Teambuilding that we've gotta do as a compulsory first year mod. It entails designing a community service project and then executing it. We're working with Seventeen magazine and Children At Risk Empowerment, and it's a really jumpy project cos it's real time stuff we're dealing with here.

Things have been going smooth my way (I say this because things seem to not be going smooth for anybody else) other than for two... hiccups. One was when I was conversing with this damn elite RJC girl and I'd meant to say "neighbourhood JCs FTW" after I said I was from NYJC and I think I kinda said it in a rather subdued manner, so I suppose she thought I was being self conscious and afterward went on to do her mock "aiya its seriously okay" thing. And for some gay reason I got affected by it cos in a pygmalion effect way of looking at it, I suddenly felt that I seemed inferior (i.e. in manner of behavior) to her.

The other moment was on tuesday when serious crunch time culminated into my stats homework not being done yet and sociology midterms being on wednesday, for which I haven't studied, and I had to tend to CARE and later go for samba til very very late. For once I really felt I needed to deal with something badly but the circumstances simply couldn't let me, and it's like... I was being impeded from doing the things I wanted/needed to do, ironically because the things I want to do and I'm actually doing are stopping me from doing those other things I need to do.

Enough of school and shite. I've always wanted to talk about other stuff on my posts but I don't ever seem to be able to do so in recent times.

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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