Saturday, 12 January 2008

First-Week-Of-School Typicality

Believe it or not, I played LAN today. It was originally supposed to be a complete noobfest but Mojo Eugene the really g4y camper/sniper pro joined us and duly got 60+ frags while the rest of us lumbered with our decimal kill ratios so it wasn't quite the picture I had in mind, but it was all good clean fun nonetheless. And those endless girly squeals from the ladies who've never played LAN before when they frag the guys will remain memorable indeed.

First week of school, with first-week-of-school typicality flying all around from the people you'd expect it the most - "How's school man", "Who's your prof?" and "First week only and the library is / GSRs are so packed already!" It really does serve to irritate, but I try my best to entertain/patronise. Perhaps I should have a model answer prepped for these questions.

The thing is... Personally, I'm someone who mostly simply isn't interested to know. Know what, well that depends. But the bottomline is that, for example, during the holidays, when I go to school and I meet people along the way, I'm not interested to know why you're there. But it is precisely this apathy that leads to the other party then snatching at the chance to ask me what I am doing in school, and more often than not the last thing I want when I'm out and about is to stop to make small talk that seriously doesn't matter at the end of the day. So I often provide a false answer that enables me to give a reply and get me off any potential conversation. Because the fact of the matter is that saying the truth, which is that I'm in school to use the internet or do my work, simply entails an incredulous "what??" and begs a justification of my reply. And well, this is just the trivial school part. This attitude of mine is sometimes applicable to more important matters but I'll just leave it at this.

But anyway yes, first week of school has been alright because both the excitements and disappointments have neutralised themselves to a nullified okay la. It could've been a lot better, especially with Creative Thinking, but it could've been a lot worse with modules such as Econs. But it's still too early to say anyway. Let's just say that Angie's hottie prof Rahul Sagar gives me the feeling that it's gonna be a very uptight term with him in charge, and an introduction to BGS has left me feeling a bit inadequate especially with the stuff on investments, dividends, shareholders etc.

Having wednesday and thursday off is pretty swell because I'll have solid days off to complete readings and regain sleep.

Went for mambo night on wednesday during the final week of the holidays because it was somewhat criminal not to do so when even Yitwen was onz about going. With any random turnout, a pub date would've been possible but it's always hard to get such a good turnout for clubbing, so I went. The crazy thing was that I took my IPPT the very next day. I think I've pissed enough people off trying to say that I have indeed deproved when I'm still getting the gold, so I'll just leave it at that (I really believe age is a factor in my fitness decline). $400 for myself for my birthday swee.

They're incorporating olympics technology into the fitness test now though, which is pretty cool 'cos it just is. Shuttle run, in my opinion, is a lot easier now because the timer starts only when you start running, which discounts your reaction time. The sit up machine even stoicly counts for you. The funk and the works.

Don't steal; the government hates competition.

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