Sunday, 11 December 2005


Learnt of a new term (or internet fad) not long ago: Blogicide; basically a merge of the words blog and suicide. The act of killing your own blog.

Now I suppose everyone has a certain right to do so, especially when like a situation arises where people have been reading your private information and have been mistreating it, and you cease the blog's existence to protect your own dignity.

But when people commit blogicide for the sake of publicity? Now that sounds very much like a disorder to me. It almost sounds irritatingly cute in fact, with a Happy-Tree-Friends-esque feel to it when people actually subject their fondly tangible blogs to homicide. I guess it's just sad what society's turning to because of all the possible avenues of getting famous provided by the mass media like the internet and reality TV.

When blogging first began, the attraction and appeal of it all lay in the fact that it was almost an ironic desire to have a diary that is not only privy to the writer but to that of many other internet surfers as well. In other words, there was a subliminal novelty in the idea that your so-called private details can be seen by anyone else, either deliberately or in all randomness.

But now, pop-blogging is all about telling the world about yourself. Where it was once a bold move to splurge a secret on oneself to the rest of the world, people now actively participate in thoroughly attention-seeking expressions of 'private' info. Exhibitionists emerge claiming it isn't for the fame. Who're they kidding?

Man... No point getting too worked up over this though. It just happens to be one of my online pet peeves. Maybe next time someone wants to proclaim to the world about his or her sex life or present a plastic pretty face, just do us all a favour and proclaim that it is for the infamy and stop acting all coy because it really is very irritating to say the least.

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