Saturday, 26 November 2005

Super-Sperm Week

I read this from someone's Friendster blog in all randomness and I wasn't really paying attention until it hit me that it was kinda amusing. Check it...

you know i realized that sometimes, we human beings, dont give ourselves enough credit. i realize i'm always berrating myself for the things that i could have done that i didn't do (which is not always a bad thing), but then i forget about all the great things i have done.

i mean i never even celebrated my biggest accomplishment up to date - my successful life as a sperm that fertilized the egg, which resulted in me.

i mean if you think about it, it takes a lot to fertilize an egg. during ejaculation, millions of sperms fight and struggle to reach that one egg in order to fertilize it and only one can come out the winner ! there's no first, second, or third runner up. the rest all perish.

you beat the rest. you're the best!

every single living person out there has at one time or another been a sperm struggling to fertilize the egg. for having beaten out the millions of others, you are the special sperm, the lucky sperm,

so i have declared today here in Friendster Land,


the day where every single one of us can celebrate our success as the sperm that beat out the rest of the competition. oh yeah!

say it with me now : i am the super sperm. there is no sperm better than me.


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