Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Grand Plan

Economics, psychology, the Theory of Evolution, quantum physics, the infinite, probability, the Holy Bible, God. It is well and good to be able to see the nexus between each seemingly vastly different element from science to mathematics to art to religion. It's like Jesus is out there if you know who He is to you. Faith is but a personal adoption and commitment to one of these disciplines knowing that there is something beyond oneself, because pushing the limits of knowledge here is a foray into the unknown as much as it is determining the science of subatomic particles, seeking the answers in a Church, determining causality between variables, pondering the quantity of infinitude - all fuelled by the desire of knowing, if not the Creator, then the design with which He has formulated for us and the universe to tick.

Audio Candy:
The Superjesus - Down Again

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