Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mid-Afternoon Drivel

I'm really quite baffled by the number of dubious-sounding URL messages being sent to me on MSN. At the rate things are going, I'm gonna get more virus URLs than actual conversation messages.

I know they're virus-related stuff and those online friends aren't deliberately throwing them my way but it's like. Dude why'd you click it in the first place? Some of the URLs are really so obvious that the best benefit of the doubt I could give is that people's muscular memories have replaced their minds.

I mean seriously, URLs like and deserve more suspicion.

On another note, one of the most cringe-worthy things I've ever seen are comments to Facebook relationship status changes. Breakup comments are often far more distasteful, but both get-together and breakup comments are really bad.


(heartbreak image) John is no longer listed as in a relationship with Jane.
Joan: oh no what happened?! are u guys really separated?
Jenny: sigh... i really thot it wld last.
Jian: are u ok?

Who on earth in their right minds would tell you their sensitive sob story on Facebook in the glaring light of the public, especially when they've just endured one of the crappiest periods of their lives? And, personally, even more so when one has good premise to believe that every snooper on Facebook has a ravishing appetite for lapping it up for misplaced reasons?

Or maybe my opinion is the misplaced one - people actually like the attention from such a display. At any rate, I never fail to cringe internally whenever I see such comments.

On yet another note, this is an amazing 'video'. Just do as the instructions say.

Whenever you read a good book, it's like the author is right there, in the room, talking to you, which is why I don't like to read good books.
- Jack Handey

Audio Candy:
Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A 17 Year-Old Girl

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