Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Perhaps it can be said that nobody is really ever resigned. Everybody fights regardless of the situation or predicament. It's just how it's done, and how the rest of us judge it.

Give a real life loser access to the internet, and he can create a king in cyberspace. That's survival. When we deterioriate in reality, our virtual lives flourish. Identity is still identity regardless of the dimension.

Only that some dimensions are more 'real' than others. 'Better' than others. More 'respectable' than others.

Create more artificial and synthetic channels, worlds and realities as we progress technologically, and prepare to see a decline in the effort to uphold a respectable real life identity. Give people more places to hide away legitimately from our primary reality, and soon there'll be more soulless bodies than we might be comfortable with.

Even the heavily depressed are seeking survival by leaving this world.

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