Sunday, 24 October 2010

It's interesting to me to discover that there are some stable personality traits that can be found among first born / single childs, and find that I'm also demonstrating some predictably consistent characteristics.

For instance, first born / single children are:
1) more socially maladjusted
2) less responsible
3) more individualistic
4) more self-centered
5) more likely to be perfectionist
6) more likely to mature faster
7) have higher achievement motivation
8) less agreeable
9) less open to new ideas

Time for some self-psychoanalysis!


wei said...

Hi Jose! I still keep in mind what you told me earlier.

Have you checked this out before?

Jose said...

Hi Wei! Thanks for the link. Yes, I'm quite aware that there are scholars and researchers out there who dedicate work to disproving birth order effects. Even Wikipedia has some information on that.

I think it depends on how true the effects feel to you. Some people who think it isn't true could be exceptions and feel like the theory doesn't suit them (and therefore doesn't make sense). That's fine; they have every right to try and empirically assert otherwise. But I fall into the 'the theory is more true than false' camp and I hope to further research in that direction. And if I don't get results, then bummer, I'm wrong.

We'll see who's right!