Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Time Machine Song

I always get the chills when I hear this song. For some reason it's so deeply embedded in a particular part of my childhood that whenever this song comes on, either on my MP3 player or the radio or something, I get transported right back to the time when I was between 5-7 years old, and it's like I vividly experience everything that was memorable to me all at once.

I definitely remember those laser discs. My father used to rent or buy these huge karaoke laser discs to sing this song. I always looked forward to those trips either to our trusty little nearby shop at Serangoon Central or, for good prices and selection, Sim Lim Square, because it meant that I could sneak in a request for a favourite cartoon or movie.

So, whenever I hear Massachusetts, I think of Tom & Jerry, Godzilla and Ultraman shows, and McCauley Culkin's Home Alone series, because I used to watch those at that time. I also recall other songs that my dad loved to obsessively listen and sing along to back then, but for some reason none of them are as jolting as this song is. I also remember the TV show Taxi, because the vibe of Massachusetts definitely fits in with the grainy cinematography of Taxi so I associated the two together.

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