Saturday, 28 January 2012

San Diego Day 3 28/01/2012

Kicking off my third day in San Diego and the final day of the conference with a last long walk down to the convention center. Along the way I passed this flea market, which mostly features food, fruits and vegetables. Couldn't see all of it as I was in a hurry to catch the talks. But regardless east or west, flea markets always have a universal appeal that attracts people to have a look.

Managed to meet one prospective mentor briefly during one of the talks, so this conference has had some direct payoff. Preferably would have liked to get in touch with more people but I'll take what I can.

This was my free catered lunch - some really crappy tasting grilled prawn sandwich. Still humungous at any rate. Spent the whole day at the convention centre, going through talks and posters and mingling with other SPSP attendees.

With nothing much to update on this last conference day, here's a photo of a very irrelevant banner that caught my attention because that twirly whirly design looks like a subliminal pair of boobs.

Newcastle Brown Ale - the beer that sponsored Newcastle in that awesome season that I fell in love with them. The Newcastle Brown Ale jersey was the best ever!

End of conference. Tomorrow my San Diego tour begins proper! The first thing I'm gonna do is check out of this comfortable room and go to a dorm instead where it's cheaper and I'll probably meet more people.

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