Thursday, 16 January 1986

Facebook Statuses

Out of curiosity I wondered if it's possible to organize one's status by particular rubrics, such as most liked, or most commented, or newer/older. After some brief googling, voila – does it.

And gosh what a ride I was treated to hahaha.

Sep 262007
Jose Yong
 deleting almost all of the stupid 'things' that
facebookers partake in aimlessly all day, and
will probably not accept any more

Oct 162007
Jose Yong
 a big FB hermit but he still has 114 photos &
a freakin video so everyone else who're
hardcore FB users and have less than 114
photos and no videos are losers.

Nov 142007
Jose Yong
 is spending at least (most?) -2.73hrs in the
library per week.

Nov 262007
Jose Yong
 is elated that exam week is finally here.

Dec 32007
Jose Yong
 is basking in post-exam rarefaction.

Jan 12008
Jose Yong
 thinks that for some, updating this status
thingie is like the icing on the cake for
wearing your heart on your sleeve as if
anyone really wanted to know.

Jan 122008
Jose Yong
 is wearing his heart on his sleeve simply
by doing this.

Feb 142008
Jose Yong
 is experiencing an emotion that reflects his
socioeconomic status and current academic
state of affairs.

Apr 102008
Jose Yong
 has 1+ more weeks to socially-accepted

Apr 102008
Jose Yong
 is making a call out to anyone who's willing
enough, who's daring enough, to do something
else other than study to join him.


It got milder after that, but that was a lot of fronting and anti-conformist angst going on with little 22 year-old me, LOL.

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