Sunday, 29 April 2007

Every week, I look eagerly forward to my weekend soccer games. It's like everyday, I just go through the day so that that weekend kickabout draws closer. Miss one session and I feel completely fucked up for the rest of the week to come.

Today was fantastic. Usually, the weather would be mercilessly scorching but it rained in the dead of the night so the sun wasn't blazing up the courts this morning. We had up to 8 teams, which is pretty insane for one street soccer court, but I felt good and my makeshift team that didn't really gel anyway made good for 5 games. Notched a couple of goals myself.
My love for soccer is pure and simple.

I left Love Airways on friday and I was given the 'farewell lunch' treatment at where Wei claims serves the best Thai food place in Singapore. For a 45min quick bite, $131 is quite a bomb, but the food was good. Just a bit too exotic (I couldn't picture anything on the menu when I was ordering) and not filling enough, but I'm not complaining!

Chinhong is taking over me in the admin role and in the whole of last week, half the time was spent handing over stuff and the other half... Well, just finding fillers to justify my time in the office, such as watching shows I'd meant to watch for the longest time but didn't on my laptop and finally checking out the Love Airways TV show (which really sucked la).

Sorted out some things with Wei and gave him some feedback, like what I didn't think the admin person should have to be responsible for and why I felt the pay, at $6/hr, wasn't justified. Some points taken, some not. If things work out, then I'll be offered a $400/mth freelance sub-editor role for the magazine, which would have various leverage factors for the company anyway, the main reason being that I'll still be kept in the loop, but the rest of which I'm too lazy to elaborate about.

Now that I'm off work, it's time for the month of important personal pursuits before school term begins and I'm back to being stifled by academics in the name of future survival's sake in the workforce.

1) Reading. Have kicked-started that off already with 2 books in hand - Life of Pi and Prozac Nation. Linda lent me Life of Pi and bought Prozac Nation for me, and I was quite pleasantly surprised at the gesture. Whenever I thanked her profusely for it (cos I'd probably not have spent such money on myself), she'd just say that it's like sharing a passion so she'd do it anytime. Have started reading Life of Pi already.

2) Watching good movies. I've a list of good movies to catch - some arthouse ones and some not, but not your mainstream flicks. On the list are An Inconvenient Truth, The Pursuit of Happyness, City of God, and Fight Club (Richard swears by this movie), just to name a few.

3) Possibly embarking on another run-to-nowhere attempt.

4) Picking up Spanish.

5) Picking up percussions (this one's only hopeful, depending on the capital).

6) Having a great time while the family's away in Macau from the 29th of May til the 4th of June.

7) Soccer tournament at Jeremy's church carnival on the 26th.

8) Legs and Paddles with Kee on the 27th.

9) Field games. Bring on the field games! It's been a long while since I could experience 20-yard shots, sprinting down flanks and providing/receiving inch-perfect through-balls.

10) Lotsa time with Kee. There's gonna be food-hunts, urban exploring and cycling trips among many others cos she's on holiday!

11) Journalistic pursuits, such as sub-editing for Love Airways. Linda is also trying to secure the writing connections for me with some magazines and there's remuneration for articles too. Dody the designer might have copy-writing assignments for me as well with his clients.

12) The custom arts online business venture. I've already started working on some free projects for friends to beef up a portfolio of sorts. When everything works out, this custom arts service will provide people with the opportunity to have art that is customised and/or personalised for themselves, such as photos, names, other text and jewellery. Kee and her sis will have a hand in the jewellery aspect and names too. If it all goes very well, then we will quite possibly consider venturing into getting prints onto apparel such as shoes, bags and shirts.

So it's not all fun and games, but if everything works out fine, it'll be one great month.

Having a sense of humour as a woman doesn't mean you tell jokes. It means you laugh at his jokes.

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