Friday, 20 April 2007

Will the sheer behemothicness of MP3s pull it through to legality one day? Just as how handphones used to be banned in secondary schools during my time, their necessity or influence can't be overlooked anymore now and assuming that the law can cap the advent of traded music is either blatantly ignorant or purely puerile.

Things are pretty unstable at LA since Jace's left and it's been sometime since the golden era of Alf and the 2 Js. Yilin was the hyper one that came in and found familiar friction with Doc and then left cos she's smart and stubborn in her own ways and he couldn't exactly 'manipulate' her in the way he'd like it to be.

But Yilin was fun in that really frivilous, lian kinda way. She came in one morning and basically said, "that guy cheebai one leh!" Which just left me in a mixture of surprise and amusement all the same.

Linda: "I don't have any friends. Maybe only 4 or 5 la."
Me: "Linda. Are you my friend?"
Linda: "No, I haven't seen you naked yet."


He who is hesitant is... Umm......

Today's Listenables:
Submersed - Hollow

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