Sunday, 6 May 2007

A quick run-through of just about the first week of being a funemployee:

1) Finished Life Of Pi.
2) Watched Step Up and Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny.
3) Busted my legs (bones and muscles) from soccer on both weekends; today's and last.
4) Secured the freelance sub-editing job. May be securing more copy-writing assignments too, if things go well on Dody's end.
5) Roamed all over town with Kee every other day.
6) Watched Spiderman 3 at the cinema.
7) Charmain's lunch treat.
8) Washed all the fans in the house.
9) Working on more drawing assignments (here).
10) Working on the custom arts website (here). Just a raw framework, so don't expect much. Still deciding on a name.

Next read in line is Prozac Nation. I've had a quick browse through some Spanish language instructionals, one of which was Spanish For Dummies, and it seems like quite a decent language to pick up. For starters, its phonetics are fixed so you won't end up having words with multiple sounds, like in English. Only problem is that the average cost of these books are about $35. That to deal with next.

Spiderman 3 had some hot action sequences, but I thought the plot was pretty convenient for itself to unfold. Like Green Goblin teaming up with Spiderman. Huh? And Harry's bitch telling him right at the end about his dad. Eddie Brock looks like a wimp, and I suppose the portrayal of an evil Peter Parker requiring him to dress and look like an emo kid says something about perceptions lol.

There's a play titled '251' about Annabelle Chong. The number, for those who are unaware, is the number of men she had sex with in that famous coital marathon. To a certain extent, with the right marketing push (whether called for or uncalled for, official or unofficial), she could end up being the next Che Guevara. Poor dude became a victim of pop culture because they portrayed him as the famous rebel. A few plays have already portrayed Annabelle Chong as the liberal feminist due to her sexual stunt and it, depending on perception, may have been something silly turned into heroics by the media. Imagine silhouetted photos of Annabelle Chong on t-shirts.

Women shouldn't give men the silent treatment and be pissed that they aren't doing anything about it. Men love the silence.

Today's Listenables:
Skillet - Whispers In The Dark

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