Sunday, 24 June 2007

Just a week into school and I had my first test on friday. I have a group of jolly mates. Lessons started getting dry. We've got 2 more quizzes to go and 3 projects to hand in (which is semi-madness for a 5-week course). Jonathan's the gym-freak and heartless romantic, interesting fella. First week of school summarised there.

And I've been studying hard man. I've been going out just to get my reading done before I attend lessons and doing my assignments. Yesterday, Zhiquan, Leon and I talked about JC days and how stupid we were to not have worked harder and hence suffer so painfully as the final exams drew closer. Of opening up your notes to find blank space after blank space of undone examples and thus having virtually nothing to refer to and study.

SMUgging here I come, way before the actual school term starts.

What do you do when you miss someone you love? You decide to head downtown somewhere near where she resides for a bit, on the premise of getting some air and having some reading done, but also providing room for other 'partly due to' reasons like trying your luck for a bump. And then you have a drink by yourself just below where she says she is for awhile, and then going home because the phone's silent and so you think she's probably busy and don't wanna disturb her.

She may not know it, but Kee provides timely reminders of my propensity to be silly. :]

It is the nail that sticks out that gets hammered.

Today's Listenables:
Within Temptation - Bittersweet

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