Saturday, 2 June 2007

Just came home from a soccer tournament organised by Melvin and Toa Payoh Methodist Church. I'm gonna cut a long story short. Melvin used to be some big time beng from Zhonghua Sec but I've been talking to him recently, unhampered by the fact that he stays very near me and he's really such a changed person now. A whole deal more mature. We were on the way home on the same bus and he was just ranting away at how much time he wasted in secondary school and that it was so stupid now that he has to waste money trying for SIM and is still struggling to find a place to further his tertiary education. Kept reiterating the virtues of studies and self discipline. Interesting.

Anyway, he's not a christian, but the church invites him to play for their soccer team cos he's good, and he had the task of organising a street soccer tournament and invited me. So I called the usual guys down. As expected due to who the organiser is, there were a great deal of his brother's ZHSS classmates who went down, and it was a total bunch of unholy guys playing street soccer under the name of a holy place. Those kids, though a year younger only, still looked terribly like little kids since those days back in secondary school when they were on a dead trip to cause all kinds of childish trouble. Fuckin' lost to them in the semis. Chester said he can't take it already and wants to eat zai (vegetarian) for a week to ease out the ill shit.

4th day of my total freedom, cos the folks and bro are in China now, and I feel like I'm not utilising it well at all. I haven't done anything semi-extreme (note: semi, no sneaking outta the country shit, no whatever) and I've been going home earlier than when my dad's at home to scold me for coming home late. This doesn't quite make sense. Well. It doesn't help when everyone else isn't quite available.

I did bring the car out for a spin when Kee came over though. Haha (not funny to those who don't get it, but my dad still forbids me from driving without his guidance. G4y). And I've got a CD of the music I wanna hear when driving by myself.

I got my hair highlighted, 'cause I thought some strands were more important than others.

Today's Listenables:
Skillet - Rebirthing

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