Sunday, 12 August 2007

The cumulative consecutive late nights kill me each time I'm out trying to do something and last night at Wala Wala I was like freakin' falling asleep even though The Unexpected were totally blazing hit after hit. Got home at 0230h and this morning went to play for The Horizons, Nicholas' sunday soccer team. Totally sucked cos my reaction and concentration was rock bottom, and shit happens when you play court soccer week in and out and suddenly play field soccer. It's like... So much space zomg so you end up running and running quite headlessly.

But the game soured into the second half and just after I subbed myself out the two sides started fighting. Like totally brawling man wtf. For me I've somewhat left such experiences behind in secondary school already, both in the sense of myself succumbing to such acts of idiocy as well as observing such puerile acts of childish mindlessness, and here were two teams with an average age of 24 I think, trying to sort pride issues out over sissy kicks, pushes and g4y trash talk. SERIOUSLY MAN.

Anyway, the game ended 3-2 in our favour prematurely, cos the fight got a little out of hand and the ref had to call it off before 90 minutes.

Nicholas asked if I wanted to continue playing for his team. I didn't reject the offer though I don't think I'll take it up eventually, because I know that my commitment level to these kinds of things is usually quite low.

The stayingouttillateeveryday has ensued for the rest of the week since wednesday - which was ended off with a very amusing and thoroughly enjoyable foosball session with Jianming and Yinyin at the hostel (where I duly pwned them; funny surprise was Yinyin's 7-0 KO of Jianming) - with StarringSMU coming to a very lousy close, and yesterday's Wala Wala trip.

StarringSMU got crappier and crappier and I totally skived the NDP display I was supposed to be a part of (which was also supposed to be the whole idea of and reason for StarringSMU itself). Instead, I went for the frisbee tryouts which was quite fun and later met Sabrina to meet up the rest of the couchsurfing people, only to be totally snuffed out by the insane crowd.

For the uninitiated, the idea of couchsurfing is about providing a 'couch' (a symbol for lodging) for people - some on budget travel, others who want to meet people - and in the process make new friends and share experiences and culture. Check out

Wala Wala is host to EIC and The Unexpected, two top live pub performance bands in the business. For all live band fans, you've got to catch one or both of them in action, and for those who aren't fans yet, you just might be after!

Been playing lotsa Scrabble too, so I've resolved to get a Scrabble set to put at home.
So many things, so little time...

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

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Bon Jovi - Born To Be My Baby

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