Saturday, 29 October 2005

Dear Mr Cheebye Towkay,

Thank you for your time.

I have many unresolved issues that need your bloody attention. (if you actually bother to listen at all)

1) For all the comments and policies that you have implemented, irregardless of your mens' feelings. If you bother to offer a rational explanation to them, i'm very sure they wouldn't mind working their guts out for you. However, it seems that you are forever smoke-grenading your way out. The dialogue sessions haven't helped much because you throw their questions back at them. You just go ahead and implement your dumb policies on them just because you think it is a rave idea to do so. This is fucking frustrating. You don't know how tough their job scope is because u sit in your plush office all day long and wank. If you bother to reason, fine. But you don't! If you don't think that the men's feelings are worth considering, then i don't think they really appreciate calling you 'Sir'.

2)Apart from being a bad boss, you're also a lousy fund-giver. We have to work for you 101% and put up with your nonsense 24/7. For example welfare. You want your men to die for you but you wring them dry with no benefits given. For example, we highlighted we needed more EquipmentWeWanted, but you said no and went ahead and bought EquipmentWeDidNotWant. In addition, EquipmentWeDidNotWant turned out to be a dud and expensive and definitely, EquipmentWeDidNotRequire. We did not show our exasperations because we know it would be futile and anyway you're a complete moron who thinks that you're a superior being to all us inferior kotek-heads. No point infuriating us further with you incompetence.

3)You have always told us to speak up because you want us to Know-What-We-Did-Not-Know and turn it to What-We-Know-Now. Well, for sure we know now that you're a complete dick-head and a pretty small one at that so please just go stuff your head up some wall with cracks in between. Yeah you'll feel pain, but hey, Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body right?
I know you'll never understand why are we so fucking pissed off and we don't hope you to know but hopefully, when we come back for reservist, you won't cause us such grief any longer.

Regards,Your damn buay song men

July 2005

I'd say he nailed the point right in the head.

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