Sunday, 30 October 2005

In fact, I think humans are a bloody interesting species worth analysing for a laugh, or proof that idiocy and insanity does exist in the universe, if I were another greater being in another galaxy. Everyday, nature supposedly determines what happens on Earth and every species out there has some kinda personal instinctive agenda to complete the cycle that goes on everyday. Put homo sapiens in the picture and you fuck the whole system up.

Just consider this. Why do we always have things to do, to say, to talk about? If everybody wasn't so uptight about something or intent on achieving some selfish personal purpose, things would probably carry on as usual, we'd just worry about the offspring and finding food to eat and survive, and life would be nice, easy and dandy. Haha. Just think about the days back in school. Someone would become a third party in someone else's relationship and cause a crapload of issues to happen, inciting juicy gossip among others. Some retard would do something like bringing porn to school and get himself expelled, making the rest of the schoolboys think their school is damn paikia and cool and proclaim about it. Out in the media scene, celebrities would be harrassed by the paparazzi. Stupid boybands would make their rounds around the globe and crazy fans would go to the ends of the Earth to get a chance to see their idols. It's a totally chaotic effect to the order of things sometimes, but that really makes life so full of, admittedly interesting, shit. Plus, they give you a chance to laugh at something so it isn't so bad I guess.

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