Sunday, 20 December 2009

Media-Induced Poverty Of Values

After watching my brother slime his way through another day for the umpteenth time today I couldn't take it anymore and attempted to engage him in some semi-intellectually charged discussion.

Me: Why don't you go read up seriously about something you like? Like maybe rock music. Go find out its history and what it stands for.
Bro: I know what rock music is about.
Me: What?
Bro: It is about expressing our feelings.
Me: That's just about the same for any form of music. What makes rock music different from other types of music, like maybe classical?
Bro: Oh, okay. Rock music is about expressing of angst.

Whoa, hold up. If my brother was a rasa tabula pertaining to music since I've never educated him about that stuff before, then I wonder where that influence came from. There are implications abound to think and believe that rock music exists primarily as an expression of angst. For one, its role as an outlet for aggression and anger would validate the behaviour of rebels without a cause. There is no longer a need for such angst to be qualified as a means so some other greater and more constructive end; the angst itself is the be all end all.

There are other avenue instances through which mediocre behaviour is allowed to be channelled through by various forms of media. For instance, I think New Moon really spelt out that it is quite okay for girls to be weak, submissive and indecisive because a hero (or two) will always come to your aid. I really seem to be going random here, but off the top of my head as well another outlet for wussy behaviour comes in the form of Taiwanese MTVs where guys are actually perceived as attractive being emo crybabies who can't make up their minds.

I think capitalistic media really tends to feed an increasing poverty in intellect and values. Of course, I've just totally discounted an entire branch of decent media that hosts documentaries and maybe Oprah, but to the layman kid nowadays I think the choice to watch mindless TV is much more compelling (and definitely much less demanding). Perfect incentive system to get easy viewership.

On a side note it looks like a Twilight/New Moon parody in the form of The Vampire's Assistant is coming up. Such breakneck speed of satire appears to be a hallmark of our postmodern attitude of absurdism.

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