Thursday, 24 December 2009


My loooong day of renovation and cleaning up is over. I'm in the mood to backlog photographs so here goes!

Part of the renovation involved overhauling the air-conditioning system, so I had to shift my display cabinet which housed my Gundam collection away from the wall in order to create access to the wires.

So it all began with the Gundam.

Off they go, Noah's Ark style.

Other old school stuff I found:

Handheld LCD games - THE SHIZZ for any 12 year-old boy back in the 90s!

Protostar and SWOS - Epic old school. Those were the days when games still came with instruction manuals that were so thick because they just had to be translated into 812 languages.

Somewhat continued from the pasar malam post - the pirated CDs I still keep, with some of the most embarassing stuff on display here (Speed, A1, M2M, Jolin Tsai, Shaggy, Stephanie Sun and S Club 7 wooooohoooo).

All the stuff in the display cabinet eventually went to the floor in makeshift boxes.

The display cabinet gets emptied and stuff starts piling up all over the place and the room gets recalibrated...

Then the epic task of putting it all back together begins...

At the bottom of the whole stack of books, the fan and the television set lies my beautiful shelf waiting to be assembled.

This is the picture I took as I lugged the shelf home from Carrefour two days ago, all fricking 36kg of it. Because it was 1.7m long it was impossibly bulky and I totally fscked myself trying to bring it home on my own. Furthermore, I gymed that morning - my first in like 6 months - so my arms were totally busted already. That was some seriously messed up shit so I took this victory photo as I finally stumbled to my house door.

This is one of the new sets of air-conditioners installed in the house now, after the air-conditioner people from Gain City went through 9 backbreaking hours tearing down the old sets and replacing them with these. Despite the change/upgrade, I don't think I'll end up using air-conditioning much at all.

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Angie said...

your gundam toys look so cute in their ark (: