Wednesday, 20 January 2010

In composing op-eds, Chomsky is taking advantage of the fact that our society is still perhaps the freest in the world: openings still exist to challenge the White House, the Pentagon, and the corporations enriched by them. Chomsky believes that the freedom to challenge power is not just an opportunity, it's a responsibility...

Despite the profound inequities in this country and the nightmare of being a nation at war, Chomsky reminds us that ordinary people still have power to drive change. "One of the clearest lessons of history," he writes, "including recent history, is that rights are not granted; they are won." The purpose of the Open Media Series, and of Chomsky's work, is to encourage readers to use their rights for creating greater justice, human rights, democracy, and to insist on a media system which supports them.

- Greg Ruggiero, Editor of Interventions by Noam Chomsky

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