Sunday, 3 January 2010


I'm up at 5am. This is nothing short of a full-blown obsession and I'm just drowning in it.

I've just revamped the entire work area of my room and I'm quite pleased with what I've done, also considering that I've customised and tweaked a bit of the furniture. I always like doing that little extra so that I can say and feel that what I own is truly and specially mine.

It all began with the (very) budget shelf from Carrefour on D1 (24th Dec).

Cupboard doors up.

Nailing in the backing...

Look at that baby!

This table, which has been with me since 1994, has to go. It is too low (at 50cm above the floor) that I've always had to hunch over in order to do work.

These are the raw boards that will make up the new table. Work begins on the table on D11, a full ten days after the shelf was done because of a whole host of delays. I had been searching for the longest time for an L-shaped table to fit in the corner of my room next to the shelf. I found something better with a bit of improvisation.
Ammo, scattered and untidy.
Battle ready!

Part one of the right-hand side of the table is done, as can be seen behind the table I'm working on in this picture. As for the table suspended in mid-air, it's a blooming beauty.

The skeletal structure of the left-hand side of the table, almost done. As can be seen, table 1 + table 2 = improvised L-shaped table.

This board has sat on my table against the wall for at least 3 years, gathering all sorts of post-its and other stuff stuck onto it with pins along the way. Would be a pity to throw away after all this while!

So here goes more customisation, because I think it has a place in my new furniture set...

Fits nice and snug!

All my favourite post-its and stuff are back on it, and it's now more compact and neat.

This is the new look of my room's work corner, what I think now looks like a perfect spot to immerse myself in with books, articles, writing and other academic material.

The table top closes up to hide/prevent any clutter (great for someone like me - I guess if you aren't a naturally neat person, it would be good to create the means to be neat).

This shit is so neat I've been just sitting around drowning in reading stuff for the whole night. The white board is going up into the space on the wall on the right tomorrow. Good night!

[Edit 00:33 04/01/10]
I'm just psycho but here's the mounted whiteboard. Rawr! I'm all ready for Term 2 wahahaha.

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