Thursday, 18 February 2010

Society Of Artists

A society of artists deeply intrigues me. It must be pretty close to the kind of public sphere I'd want to be. Knowing the generally stereotypical but pretty much accurate personality of genuine artists (not those who are merely superficially engaging in their art) - introverted, quirky, weird, reclusive, anti-social, profound, quiet, reserved, removed, detached - the kind of community made up of such people will be so far removed from social formalities that it will be a sort of utopia for me.

I might be naive in hoping that such a fantasy place will be the furthest removed away from the clutches of gross human nature, because most artists are quacks and weirdos anyway who have chosen not to subscribe to a 'normal' world for whatever reason - an inability to fit in, or the refusal to do so. In such a fantasy place, the things most worth living for are the artworks each individual entrusts his or her soul and truth to, while the individual himself or herself fades into the insignificant backdrop.

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