Thursday, 18 March 2010

Over the past couple of weeks I've had the resolve on my personal principles tested on numerous occasions and I'm clear that I've upheld them. I've done so in the face of impracticality and the potential grating of friendships. I can only hope people do not take things personally and that the principle should speak for itself. I suppose sometimes it's difficult to separate the actor from the action along with all of its perceived assumptions and byproducts. Nonetheless, it's a judgment call, and there are certain principles that simply should withstand the ills of political correctedness and social pressure. Even if it entails myself being compromised within the community (with possible exclusion in all its various forms), it really matters less to me if I might lose a few trivial friendship bonds along the way than to give up on principles that I think, very deeply, are correct. I do not mean to say that friends are not important, but it should never be held that friends can get away with murder and injustice if the evidence so states. It is indeed a tough call sometimes, but insofar as I can fight the good fight with a discerning preservation of good friendships, I would.

But in the face of this new challenge, the past few weeks have been trivial little trials. This new circumstance I'm facing is stressing on the core of my fundamental beliefs. The system was tolerable while it was dormant and I could skirt around it. Now that the system has woken and has imposed itself upon me with what I think isn't fair, should I up and leave? Or even further, should I oppose it?

This might be when all that theory finally becomes bullets in a gun, when it comes down to the grind, when it comes down to the difference between pretentious hot-air and a true empowering of my proclamations, when it comes down whether you're going to load that gun with those bullets and fire them away.

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