Friday, 5 January 2007

Resolution Absolution

Happy new year people.

In a flash, I've been through new year's passing and it's as hyped up as it commercially ought to be, our jubilance marketed to us right at our doorstep. There were parties, sales and events galore, but personally, this year's was really just another date on the calendar. I must admit that, considering the number of times I've told Kee my fast-approaching 21st birthday is but just another day, I might be taking the significance of a day like this for granted, but realistically in the bigger scheme of things in my life, it didn't hold any significance anyway nor make things any more pleasant for me.

The Christmas to new year period brings forth some of the longest holidays of the year and in light of my present predicament, employment would be and indeed was at an all-time low and I went through the festive season jobless and ultimately unable to cash-in on the very lucrative public holiday working hours too. And to top it all off, I couldn't party the holidays away and make the most out of my 'funemployment' because I had zero spending power and I was totally not in the mood given the circumstances of my futile job-hunt too.

Then there's the little part about the new year resolutions. Thankfully, the scenario of people asking you about your resolutions nowadays is dying out just like how forwarded SMSes are, so I'm not that bothered about the whole thing like how it used to be when we'd all have some resolutions just for the sake of it so that we've got a prepared answer when someone asks us about it.

"I never used to make any. I didn't believe in them. I thought they were pointless, distracting and prohibitive. I considered them a restriction on how you should live your life, and the kind of thing done by people who were afraid of taking things as they came. I also thought that if you wanted to give something up or change your life then you shouldn't need the prop of 1st January to do it."

A paragraph taken from someone's view about resolutions (named Ian for copyright's sake). He eventually defended the ideals of resolutions though, albeit for politically incorrect and sarcastic reasons. Just some cynical food for thought, cos to some extent that paragraph had an acute degree of truth in it, though not entirely considering that virtuously sticking to good resolutions may herald positive outcomes in life for those who are weaker-willed to deal with personal issues.

Anyway I've just got to say that watching Arsenal pick Charlton Athletic apart last week in such unapologetic and playfully patient manner is such a delight to watch. Now Henry's back, though not to his individual best but still bringing out some of the best in Arsenal's play, and the captain and his boys are still searching for the perfect goal; such a rare sight and one to behold in the physical nature of the English Premier League where, sometimes, the game is over before you can even hope to enjoy it.

Spent the majority of the week away prepping my Curriculum Vitae (CV, fancy word for resumé) and looking for work. It's quite a learning experience actually, and I'm almost sheepish to know just about how little I know. Chinhong mused about entry-level jobs being like playing an online game with guilds, like Gunbound - you've just joined the game but no guilds will accept you cos their minimum entry level is level 10 or so and you're only level 1. Or the 'pro's keep kicking you from rooms cos you're a newbie chick. A sucky vicious cycle arises and you end up spending alot of time in noob places trying to level up very slowly cos the level 10s don't wanna give you a chance.

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