Monday, 8 January 2007


My havaianas slippers broke! After about 2 years of good service... Kee bought them for me and they really served me well. :[

The job application e-mailing hit a crazy total of 64 resumes sent out this morning (this started on friday), and at about 1300h my 64 hooks caught a sniff. 0930h at somewhere near Chinatown tomorrow to turn that sniff into a bite.

Suddenly remembered that Kee and I saw Jamie Yeo and Glenn Ong last week at Serangoon Gardens. I've gotta mention this because I was ordering something when I saw this ex-NYJCian nearby. When I went back to our table, I told Kee that I found that guy familiar (cos at that moment I hadn't identified him as an ex-NYJCian yet), but I couldn't really show her where he was cos he was blocked by some other people.

So there we were, focusing and trying to look behind the people blocking us when Kee suddenly said, "hey isn't that Glenn Ong and Jamie Yeo?" My eyes refocused and I then realised that the people blocking our view were actually the celebrity duo.

And I was so caught up in looking beyond them that I couldn't even notice them. Pwned.

Some funny, alternative 'pwned' definitions at Urban Dictionary:


Created in 1972 by the 3rd SOG (Special Operations Group) when a Lt. Colonel Hank Munro shot a Vietnamese sentry with a Mk22 Hush Puppy. Due to the tension at the time, he inadvertantly said "pwned" instead of "Delta, move in and eliminate all hostiles." The subsequent death of Lt. Col. Munro as he charged a heavily fortified position lead to the term "pwned" being adopted as short-hand for "that dumbass just got his ass whupped in a helluva funny way."

"Did you see that car crash where 27 people died after someone swerved to avoid a cat?""PWNED."


An intentionally mispelled term for "Owned". Originating as a result of the "P-key" being adjacent and aligned with the "O-key" on the QWERTY keybpard, it is a commpnly accepted term ampng gamers and shares the same definitipn as "Owned".

1. You just got pwned

2. To accredit the usage of "Pwned" to anything mpre particular than a commpn typo would be an unsubstantiated concept of it's origin.

3. Everyone else's definition of "Pwned" just gpt pwned.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

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