Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Jose: "As much as I hate doing it, complaining about the army is like a guilty pleasure."
Leon: "At least we're complaining about something. Girls complain all the time about nothing."
Jose: "Maybe... The average NSF is somewhat made to go through everything so that when we're out, we've kinda seen a lot of it already."
Leon: "I just went out with this girl. And she's quite different and unlike the rest because she's worked quite a bit before. I might even say she's more mature than me."
Jose: "Hmm. What do you think we'd be like if we hadn't been through all that NS shit?"
Leon: "We'd be like girls."

I thought this was quite amusing because of it's unintended double entendre.

I've been following some of the famous Lord Coplestone Vs Bertrand Russell debates back in the earlier part of last century. Bertrand Russell was once asked what he would say if, after death, he found himself confronted by God, and he replied, "I shall say to Him, 'Why did you make the evidence of your existence so insufficient?"

On first glance, I can't quite believe he made a comment like that. Since it can be considered a given that great philosophers say things only when they are certain of the impact their words will make, I'd expect that he should've been aware of the repercussions to his comment, especially since it is a very atheist, non-christian thing to say. Not that that's wrong, since he's always been a strong advocate of atheism, but it does seem somewhat shallow of him if he hasn't considered how inadequate that comment will be to many eagerly listening people out there.

Unless he is trying to make a deeper point, that he probably doesn't really care anyway since, to him, it is precisely the scientific proofs we need to declare something believable. It almost sounds like he'd fancy a debate with God Himself, and it would all be kickstarted with that question to God.

If evidence for God was so readily available, there'd be no room for faith. It's dichotomous, kinda like how the more symbolic a present or gift is, the less practical value it'd have.

Every now and then I visit the street soccer court just downstairs past lights-off hours (they switch off the lamps so that people stop playing because it's quite noisy and disruptive to sleep for those in the proximity), and I've been just freely practicing some sequences and moves from a wide range of things I've been exposed to, including Capoeira, tricking and breakdance. It's pitch-black dark, there's nobody around, and there's a whole lot of space. I'd just bust my guts jumping around, trying flips and sweating it out until I can't move anymore; then I'd just lie down, plug in and zone out to my music and stare at the overhead blanket of night sky, thinking of everything and nothing all the same. And I really love the solitude-on-standby. It's nice to have found a new mode of getting away.

Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?

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