Thursday, 15 May 2008

Will The Future Blame Us?

Angie and I managed a really last minute meet up with Rahul Sagar on Tuesday, and the talk with him really made the light at the end of the tunnel shine so much brighter. Things pertaining to the future can indeed get pretty muddled for social science students because of all the typical sentiments associated with it, especially it's practical viability and prospects. But as always, Rahul was able to put things in such clear perspective.

He's leaving on Friday for Princeton. It is such an honour to have been taught by him because he represents a lot of what we aspire to be but lose along the way as the rat race devours us. Add to that the fact that he, realistically, shouldn't have even been here in the first place, and I guess all of us feel all the more lucky.

So the game plan now seems a whole lot less vague. Try and up the GPA so that applying to further my studies for a Masters wouldn't be such a bitch, probably in an anglo-inclined country like England, America, Australia or Canada. Get as much overseas exposure as possible through internships, and explore and gain experience. Come back to Singapore not having been from so-and-so university, but having done this from that country. It feels great to know that I don't just have to slime down into the corporate drain like how it seems to always inevitably be, because being a budding social scientist means the prospects of going into the media, publishing and academics side of things, which has always fascinated and called out to me so much more, are wide open and there for the taking.

Time is passing in a whirlwind of a spin, spiralling by neither slow nor straight. While I've asked for a lot of this, I'm finding that I have terribly little time to do what's come to be newly important. Then again, remorse and regrets are shallow emotions.

Some authors should be paid by the quantity NOT written.

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