Saturday, 10 May 2008

The Malaysia II Canvas Spillover

Stepped on local soil last night at slightly past 11pm after a blast of a time in Kuala Lumpur and Genting. Thanks to some efficient uploading courtesy of the ladies who all brought cameras, I can present, in brief...

Cast and Scene

With Angie in the cable car on the way up to Genting, cheesily blasting and singing to The Fray's Over My Head.

With Mikaela in the cable car. Looking up and spotting Genting above the clouds felt like we were on a stairway to heaven.

With Rachel at the resident Starbucks. That ain't my drink (it was for posing purposes), but it was awesome having hot capuccino in the cool Genting atmosphere.

With our super host Yinz, without whom any of this would probably have been inconceivable, on the Ferris Wheel ride in Genting's theme park.

With Jacq and the dudes Richard and Isaac, queueing up for the toboggan ride. Hahar interestingly this is the only photo I can find so far that is some properly taken photo of me with the guys (though it still does leave much to be desired). So yeh to kill two birds with one stone, Jacq comes in here too (sorry girl! Hahar).

[May 11, 01:12 edit]
Jacq is upset as she thinks she isn't worthy of an individual picture so here goes! I do not discriminate against people who can't read ONDE ONDE signs! Us on the Ferris Wheel. :]

And yes the much talked-about 'only group shot'. :]

Countless enjoyable moments happened during the trip, if I'm not already stating the obvious. Offhand, for those who are fondly in the know, I can recollect... The sunglasses camwhoring (and how Malaysian men need some if they wanna pull off the ogling more discreetly), the pillow fights in the hotel room, the wonderfully freezing temperature, the Starbucks that became a favourite retreat for more reasons than one, the theme park rides and who liked and didn't like what, Isaac/Bosco's endless facial expressions and his cockster fright at the Haunted House, card games and cup noodles, "DO IT!" (and other quotable trademarks), Rachel's explosive brutally honest moments and shopping sprees, the focus group, the neverending sleeping-position gripe the ladies have (and along those lines, other relevant gripes e.g. toilet habits), the good-looking Malaysian dude and our endless Malaysian fashion peeve, how FOS is serious business in Malaysia (and my purchase of the ubiquitous brown striped sweater), Speed Racer (power!), Kakashi (crap), the porridge eating competition, our attempt to get Jacq interested in fellow litterbug-hater Ahmad, and looking at Yinz's dog's balls.

And I guess these are still only the beginning of memories for a lifetime.

I dunno how the rest are settling back in in the aftermath of all that excitement but I suppose I'm good now that I woke early for a much-needed dose of saturday soccer and I'm in town armed with books to read. Malaysia is a swell place with great company but takeaways I'd definitely have are that I've come to appreciate Singapore's transport system and the orderliness of other basic infrastructures a whole lot more. Not to mention our local ladies too. Hahar.

When someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown, but it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitch-slap the asshole.

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