Sunday, 3 August 2008


Being non-committally involved in FTB proved to be quite an experience. Once you're not in OBS as a freshie in a blur-kok FTB group it actually doesn't look all that crappy anymore.

Isaac pointed out that 'The Good Earth' is a retarded thing to call anything in OBS because the irony is that this place would really have been the good Earth in the sense that it would've been untarnished nature near the beach if OBS hadn't been set up in its place.

We pushed the limits of trying to avoid work and also ended up generating the stupidest of conversations.

There was once we were having dinner and Rachel Seah came over to tell us to help her shift out tables. We were nowhere near willing to do the saikang and after a bit the discussion veered towards shifting a permanent table to the girl's toilet. Someone else suggested we could charge people 20 cents for using the toilet. Then I said that if anyone objects we can say that it's a free market world anyway. Then I think it was Isaac who quipped that we would end up having to clean the toilet because we have privatised it and it is within our best interests to maintain it.

The next day, Alvin, Isaac and I were getting bored being station masters for a really uninteresting game so when we found a praying mantis they naturally went into 大惊小怪 mode while I ended up being at one with one of my gazillion little pets around the world.

This is Isaac pretending to be a praying mantis himself in the background.
This really freaked Angie out LOL.

But the bug is like how at one with me.

So anyway we eventually put it in a bottle, and after a while of really retarded analogising (is there such a word?) of the circumstance of the praying mantis with that of state minions under a dictatorship, I decided to let it go.

That's when I said, "hmm, actually why did I only think of letting the praying mantis go now? I could have let it go 5 minutes ago. Or I could let it go 5 minutes later. What really triggers my intent to let it go only now?"

To which Isaac replied, "it is because you have used up your utility of keeping the praying mantis in the bottle." So I said, "y'know what, actually I could just end up continuing to keep the praying mantis in the bottle even though my utility is diminished just to prove that utility is crap."

Then Alvin stepped in with the clincher: "well, in that case you are now deriving new utility from attempting to prove that utility is crap."

The praying mantis that gave us more utility than we could've imagined.

Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what if I was an ant, and she fell on me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny.
- Jack Handey

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