Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lesson In Niche Identification... NOT

Here's an example of what you should never do as a marketer.

Welcome to the Apex Group:
There is one key reason why Apex will drastically improve your unloading process. The reason is profitability. We make less than any of our competitors. While most would consider this a weakness, we consider it our greatest strength. We make less, because we choose to reinvest into our employees and into initiatives that make our company safer and better. While the average unloading contract lasts 2-3 years, Apex's average tenured client is seven years. We build long lasting working relationships that benefit both parties. That experience of working together for a long period of time is what builds continuity and ultimately increases efficiency. Because at Apex, We lift you higher.

The Apex Group. We lift you higher
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