Wednesday, 4 March 2009

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If it had a home would it be my eyes?

The mind can be likened to a computer for more than the obvious reason of its role as a processor. To broach the sensitive, just as a thought, the computer is a human and the computer-user is whatever one might wanna consider to be divine and above. All of consciousness is then whenever the computer is on, without its being aware of anything that is really guiding its operations.

Then make the computer think everything it does is of its own choice and will, and you will safely remain invisible to the computer.

Colour psychology can be really fascinating. For example, it has been shown that red can, quite universally across cultures, rile people up more just by them looking at it. Sometimes, a woman can seem more attractive by just wearing a red dress. I think this means that red serves to heighten emotion and arousal such that whatever the base emotion - aggression or attraction just to name two - gets elevated.

That is the cause-effect part of things. But I also believe the colours one chooses to decorate or shroud one's more personal and functional belongings, such as the walls of one's room, one's handphone, one's watch, etc (as opposed to one's living room or one's occasion clothes) are indicative of one's personality and self-identity. It might sound a little obvious but I'm of the opinion that this indicator can have quite powerful predictive ability.

And I think it is more important to look at the personal things that don't often get shown to the world because those non-private belongings have a greater degree of conscious statement-making, rather than what one really subconsciously perceives of oneself.

Subconscious perception is interesting in that it reveals far more. One may choose to hide a weakness by consciously displaying colours or behaving in a way that announce the opposite of that weakness. But in one's subconscious self-percept, one knows in a non-conscious manner about what one dislikes about oneself, which is often the basis for insecurity. As for those who are more comfortable as they are, the colours between what's private and what's personal overlap more. But the fundamental idea is basically that what one likes to colour his or her personal belongings is very much more telling.

Offhand, I can make an educated guess about what some colours represent. Red probably signifies an emotional and passionate streak. Dark blue would probably represent a powerful calmness and/or stability. Green might have something to do with zest, quirkiness, being different or intelligent. Brown strikes me as down-to-earth. And et cetera the guesses may go.

I am half listening to music and half trying to sleep in the sofa chairs fashioned into a coffin-like womb in the school library after my cognitive psychology paper (a conservative estimate brings me to establish that 93.7% of the time I'm in the library for purely sleeping purposes), and also entertaining half-baked random thoughts flittering around.

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is the line from 'sick cycle carousel' by Lifehouse? (: