Monday, 30 March 2009


Typing away furiously at the keys, aligning words on a document, cutting down on text to fit the word limit, switching from one assignment to another, flipping through pages of 3-inch thick books, running back from school to the library because of a realization that the previous book had a useful source, opening websites in new tabs, scouring over online resources, searching intensively for half an hour - AND always eventually finding what I need, sending out update emails, pondering over a theoretical argument, being in a state of academic thought and deliberation non-stop the whole day.

That was roughly my state of mind from Friday through til today, and I LOVED it.

I really love this intensive drowning in academic work, especially when it involves researching, sifting through books, considering arguments, formulating essays and writing. And I will always be anal because I don't want it to be anything but the best that can come from me, if not in quality then in the form of formatting and bibliography. Every source must be cited, every reference must be documented.

And in the end I did learn stuff. I feel more well versed in the history of Xi'an and the business viability of its location and current economic situation, I feel less alien to the differences between selection, recruitment, performance management and compensation of Singapore and Britain. I feel leveled up.

I guess when it comes to work, I'll always be an individualist.

Today marked the end of the hell part of everyone's favouritely coined hell week for me.

A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered desk drawer.

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