Thursday, 18 June 2009

Non-Social Industrial Bitching

I'm getting the serious notion that many people do not regard striving for perfection as a necessity. It doesn't matter if your work isn't perfect, but it's the attitude of wanting to put in your best that's at stake. Even worse, sometimes it's not the people who manifest such poor work that represent the problem, but the minimal, easily satisfied expectations of others that shape certain work cultures such that it's so easy to get away with doing work satisfactorily. It's like even before one can have a chance to realize that one can do slipshod work and get away with it, such poor work cultures make people think slipshod work is the best one can be.

Not that I've never felt this way enough to say something about it, but it gets a little glaring and out of hand when the discrepancy in standards expected of me by others and me by myself are this much. There is this egging grim realization that it's more prevalent and widespread than I would like to think it is and, from there, that many people are getting away far too easily with being mediocre.

I guess everyone does fall prey to whining eventually. I do not excuse this post from being classified as non-social industrial bitching since I haven't done anything constructive about it beyond articulation.

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