Wednesday, 3 June 2009

On A Whim

Gosh. Nightwish's Know Why The Nightingale Sings just made me fall in love with them again. My ears were getting orgasms because symphonic rock just cuts it nice for me.

Over the weekend I visited a toy fair (of sorts) at Compasspoint and saw a frickin' nice mini foosball set, for kids! I found out that that was the last day the fair was on, so I went on and threw 60 bucks on it. It's really well crafted, made of good wood and plays well, and actually looks like it costs a whole lot more. I've finally got a foosball table at home! I got home excited and promptly went to trash my brother 100-20.

Before reaching home though, I was at Angie's house and because my fingers were too itchy I went to assemble the table there. It just so happened that her sis and sis's boyfriend were there, so we had a game going for a bit.

Then Angie's dad, who had been watching at the couch nearby, couldn't resist it anymore and decided to participate. Not only did he obliterate me, but he nearly obliterated the foosball table as well. He claims he was a foosball champ back in the day. So did Jacq's dad. How fascinating!

When it comes to soccer, I think I have a penchant for older generation stuff. My heart belongs to old school Newcastle, I love foosball which seems to be an old man's bar sport, and the computer soccer game that I've always enjoyed playing the most was Sensible World of Soccer (that was back in 1997), which was almost obsolete at one time but has now been revived on the Xbox 360 because of its classic cult status.

Against my better male judgment, I am going to upload pictures of my brother's hamsters. He bought a male and female pair about 3 or 4 months ago (and names them Maccy and Manny as a deliberate distortion of Mickey and Minnie Mouse), and about 2 months ago they gave birth to two babies. One died, while one survived. The one that made it was a baby boy named Maxxy.

Maxxy at about one month old, struggling to get into the food bowl. When he was just born, he was just a little pinkish blob shaped like a peanut that couldn't do anything other than lie on his back and squirm his tiny legs in the air. Now, he looks like a moving fat peanut with fur.

Maxxy fits nice in a disposable spoon.

Maxxy with his mom, Manny (or is it Maccy? Whatever.), for a perspective on proportion.

That's Maxxy a week after those earlier photos. Get ready to be surprised.

Maxxy actually looks like a tiny racoon. It is amazing how much he grew in one week. A week ago, he could barely open his eyes and could only squirm about. Here, he's wide-eyed, inquisitive and extremely active.

This picture looks like an infestation.

Maxxy putting his best foot forward...

Hamsters making out through the cages. I hope that doesn't cut it with any of this site's viewers. Anyway, we had to put the mom with Maxxy so that she could take care of him and separate the dad because he has no maternal instinct and will attack Maxxy.

Now that Maxxy is actually quite grown up and able to function as an independent hamster, we had to separate him from his mom because she would also start getting territorial and compete with him.

That's that for a whim of a post. And now it's time for bed.

Audio Candy:
Nightwish - Know Why The Nightingale Sings

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angie said...

hahah hamster overload!!! and you are too cute (:
i think my dad and jacq's should face off one day!