Monday, 29 June 2009


A typical set of girls, which will be named as Girly Girls (or GG) for the purposes of this miniscule discussion, are practitioners of and often indulge in semi-schadenfreude that is directed both in and outward.

GGs are quick to share their troubles with other GGs with the knowing outcome of mutual sharing of such personal problems. In doing so, they get to hear the problems of other GGs and this enables them to either elevate their own personal circumstance to the comfortable one of "ahh my predicament isn't so bad" and/or allow them to adopt a momentarily superior position, lend a helping hand and in the process forget their own problems.

In trying to outdo each other in how severe, loserish or pathetic each one's issues are, they attempt to draw attention to themselves and hence create a massive, swirling market of girly problems which explains why there just is so much to bitch about in the world, and why the nature of female problems, by virtue of a race to the bottom system, just seem so downright ridiculous at the end of the day.

This is a complex, dynamic process whereby throwing out an ace of a shitty situation coaxes another GG to throw out her own trump card. From which the nature of such conversation is fundamentally doused in schadenfreude, GGs thus feed off each others' problems in gaining subjectively social strongholds when your problem isn't as crappy as the newly dished out "no lor I'm worse" problem, while trying to gain as much sympathy for oneself at the same time. In any case, sharing of troubles with other GGs has been rationalized as being helpful for coping emotionally.

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