Sunday, 19 July 2009

Choose Thy Poison

I was having a lull period during my soccer tournament which resulted in an interesting discussion with my teammates about Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen, and at one point the discussion turned towards the two female characters of the show - good ol' Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) and Decepticon Pretender Alice (Isabel Lucas).

I dunno about you, the reader of this post, but I've always had the assumption that Fox would win hands down hotter compared to Lucas. But I had my doubts today after a sizeable number of my teammates revealed that Lucas was just as hot too, if not hotter.

All Fox fans will go WTF at this point. But that does not discount the fact that they genuinely thought Lucas is a contender to Fox. Sure, she's hot in some way. But surely she can't hold a candle to Fox, right?

After deeper probing, the reason essentially seems to be this. My teammates are generally apathetic personality-type guys, who can't stand the fuss of putting up with women. To such guys, the appeal of Lucas' Alice character is in the fact that she's 'easy'. Fox, with Mikaela on the other hand, posed a much bigger challenge to confront should one consider her as a potential mate. Guys who wouldn't want to have to deal with self-respecting smarter girls would find Alice very attractive.

If this is indeed true, then there might be the possible generalization that such guys will have an inclination towards blondes, as blondes are often subconsciously associated with being 'easy'. Guys who, in real life, prefer girls who have more fight in them would go with Fox.

Here's a little trivia though. The 2-second scene of Alice transforming into a robot took 3 months to complete, and here's why.

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