Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Is the world really a sad place? Are we as humans flawed, sorry beings? I personally don't think so, because I believe human nature isn't a choice, and insofar as the extinction of a species isn't brought about by a conscious choice to self destruct, I wouldn't think of us as any less.

Let's say I know everything about the design of a lab rat - from its psychology to its personality down to its programmed instincts and behaviours. If I were to get a population of lab rats and place them in a setting that has been specially tweaked to ensure that they are all doomed to die, I wouldn't blame them for their demise. Even if I placed them in a random, unbiased situation and their rodent nature causes them to implode as a species just because the conditions so happen to be arranged in a manner that causes them to behave in a way that is detrimental to them, I wouldn't fault them for it. I would only feel that the lab rats are messed up and sorry only if they went against their basic instincts to kill themselves. That leaves them no excuse anymore. Death as a choice and not by chance is unpardonable.

I won't even go so far as to declare whether anyone deserves anything, because in the bigger scheme of things we are entitled to nothing. The lab rats didn't deserve to die even if they finished themselves off in a stupid manner against their will, and neither do they when they 'just so happen' to be designed for doom in a damned setting.

One human's individuality has little bearing on the world at any one moment. Without the movement of a revolution, one or a few men cannot do anything. Human nature only rears its seemingly ugly head when the masses display what they are capable of, or 'what people really are'. Judging that human nature is inherently evil is like saying that ageing is a sin. To judge what we do that ultimately destroys us as wrong is a flawed way of declaring that we are 'just screwed up anyway' in typically glamorous, self-handicapping manner.

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