Thursday, 2 July 2009


The measure of a man's class is in his control. The criteria for this is fundamentally either-or; strictly whether you have it or you don't. Because there's no such thing as being a controlled person but choosing not to control oneself. If one has the capacity for control and restraint, one will practice it. Why would anyone with that capacity want to settle for less anyway?

There's no substitute or compromise for this criteria. Only the most controlled can be considered of class. It's like asking, what is the moral status of a person who is generally virtuous? Can we call a man who is somewhat dignified a man of dignity?

That's why there's a difference between having class and being classy. One could dress up to the nines and still be an uncultured mess. Class oozes so long as it exists. One could wear anything and have the knowing confidence of not being consumed by the emotional, unthinking mire of the masses who garner their identity and esteem from the social groups they are begging to associate themselves with out of fear of being left on the sidewalk. Class holds its own and gathers strength from self-identity and self-esteem. Class demands poise, confidence and consistency in practice. Class is a product of social intellect, from only which reasoned control and restraint can arise.

You can pay for school but you can't buy class.
- Jay-Z

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