Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Brief Jadedness

I've been recently dissatisfied with psychology. I think I'm at a phase where I've an idea where I'm headed academically and intellectually and psychology isn't keeping up fast enough while political science is offering itself as a serious contender and outlet for me to channel my thoughts. Wading through the deeply cognitive aspects of psychology just makes me wonder where this is going. Nothing ever fascinates me more than the Durkheimian social perspective that makes all the detail come to life. I can't wait for an evolutionary psychology module to pop up, and I'm curious to see where this political science detour is going to take me.

On another level, psychology term papers are terribly unexciting. The agenda of a psychology article always seems to be to try to be as complicated and jargon-laden as possible, whilst exercising minimal writing flair.

There's definitely something more than this.

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