Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Girls Think Too Much And Guys Are Apathetic/Clueless

A hypothesis I'd like to test is whether girls have a full evaluative cycle and whether the evaluative nature of guys is in at least two parts.

Here's the explanation. We've always heard the conventional wisdom that girls can't help but to think about things, and they sometimes think too much. Guys are just apathetic and don't seem to give a shit, or are seemingly clueless.

What I think happens might be this. First of all, I think girls are more attuned to social nuances. They are more likely to spot a disequilibrium in the social order, for example if someone is suddenly upset, or if the atmosphere between two people in the group suddenly becomes different. Guys may or may not spot these social changes, but I think they are less adept at doing so (because I am of the opinion that guys have lesser social IQ, but that's a story for another day).

When girls spot these nuances, they go through an (almost) automatic process whereby they will identify the problem, make inferences and come to conclusions almost instantaneously. They may choose to not engage in consciously judging what other people do or say, but their minds are whirring nonetheless and these thoughts, as inevitable as stereotypes, are conjured effortlessly.

On the other hand, when guys even manage to spot these nuances, whether they go through the process of judgment and appraisal of the situation is also not automatic. They might notice that something is amiss among their friends, but easily decide that they do not wish to bother pondering about it.

This, to me, would explain why guys seem so apathetic or clueless next to girls who seem to 'think too much', because when guys eventually do judge a situation, they are a mere handful next to the many others who either didn't even notice the social situation or chose not to bother thinking about it.

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