Wednesday, 9 September 2009


"I might often be accused - correctly - of over-generalising in some of my comments, making the odd sweeping statement here and there, and so on. But who cares? I know I'm generalising, you know I'm generalising, so what's the problem? There are too many pedants on the Net who insist that people attach a mass of qualifiers to everything they say, preface every statement with an IMHO and follow it with a list of exceptions. But such qualifiers don't make anything more true - just more boring. Truth, if it is to be found at all, lies somewhere in a dialectical space between a statement and its antithesis. Better to push at the boundaries of such a space than potter about in the middle."

- Stephen Bonds

This perhaps for every excessively cynical person who can't see the value behind a psychology theory, political concept, economic theory or philosophical idea, rejecting it just because there are inevitable exceptions.

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