Monday, 5 October 2009

Samba, Rio De Janeiro!

What a remarkable victory for Brasil!

It is particularly heartfelt because for some reason, I've grown up loving many things Brazilian. I've played soccer all my life and I love Brazilian soccer culture. I've always been fascinated with Capoeira since I first came across it in secondary school, and two years ago I gave it a shot and I'm addicted to it now. I love samba music. There's something about the multi-layered beats that really just makes me wanna get up and dance. You can't stand still to stuff like that. And while I've always been enthralled with the Spanish language, Portuguese is very and almost dialectically similar. It's a beautiful culture where the norm is to be happy, carefree and exuberant, and there is dance, song and life in everything they do. Brazil may not be politically sound, but their culture and cohesive identity keeps the people strongly united.

6 years to tidy the place up, and the show will begin!

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